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A.D. (After Diploma)

Soon after my graduation, I started as an intern in the Communication Department of the Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists--the Florida headquarters of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Within a year, I became a permanent, full-time employee.

Today, as Production Assistant, my main responsibilities are to typeset and lay out the:

  • Conference newsletter, Florida Focus. (Recipient of three Silver Angel awards and winner of the 1996 Central Florida Press Club award competition for Best Newsletter.)
  • Youth Department leadership newsletter, For The Cause. (Also won Best Newsletter in the 1995 Central Florida Press Club award competition.)
  • Annual Camp Meeting brochure and bulletin inserts. (Part of an entire PR campaign and yet another 1995 Central Florida Press Club award-winner for Best PR Campaign.)
  • Communication Department newsletter to church communication directors, The Pro-active Communicator. (No longer published.)
  • INK, a compilation of newspaper clippings of stories submitted by church communication directors mentioning the Seventh-day Adventist name. (No preview scans in case of newspaper copyright violations.)
  • Annual Conference personnel directory (No pages are really worth scanning a preview, but a good portion of the directory will soon be available on web pages. Stay tuned!)

In addition to the above GIF previews, I now have Adobe Acrobat .PDF files of some of my desktop publishing projects. Here are links to my current issues of Florida Focus (394 Kb) and For The Cause (638 Kb), as well as the 1997 Camp Meeting brochure (844 Kb). Or, access the FTP folder directly to download prior issues. Important note--if you see garbage on your screen after clicking these links, then you don't have a MIME type set for Acrobat files. A temporary fix is to hold down the Option key (Mac) or Shift key (PC) while clicking.

[Download Adobe Acrobat Reader]

Also, there are the numerous, small, short-term projects. I have created numerous post cards, event tickets photocopied in multiple toner colors, posters, etc. I'm also in the process of creating a World Wide Web home page for the Florida Conference. Nothing but the barest bones thus far. Most likely, I'll be the one to upkeep it once it's going.

I even dabble a little with some writing (making good use of the journalism classes I took early in my college experience). Look for articles and photos by yours truly in Florida Focus and the Southern Union magazine, Southern Tidings, among a few others.

I typically have a finger in what small amount of video production our Conference does. After a computer hard drive crash and a year of fiddling, I finally got our Video Machine software up and running. VM is made by Fast Multimedia, and they have two web sites, and I also lend a hand with user support for the computer network...especially with questions relating to PageMaker. As more and more people in the building want to learn how to use it, I find myself wishing that I wasn't the only one in the building with any formal training with it! It's a fun challenge, though.

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