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Friends & Others

Well, pooey, I've resisted alphabetizing these names, opting to put them in order of familiarity. Alas, as the list grows, I'm going to end up offending someone if I maintain that practice. So here they are, alphabetized by last name.

Is your personal home page deemed worthy to appear here? E-mail me with your URL and I'll let you know.

Bryan Bennett
My brother learned how to use a modem and call Commodore BBSs from yours truly. Now, a computer programmer, he taught me how to use the Internet!

Emil Gallant
Here, you'll find a respectable list of links which lean toward the Mac platform, but most apply to any platform. I highly recommend his first link, the Highway 17 Page of Shame, which was "born out of my frustration of seeing the world's worst drivers during my morning commute and not being able to actually reach out and 'educate' them." Because he doesn't take the Highway 17 drive anymore, he no longer keeps th is section up, but at last check, you could still look at the full archive. A fellow carpooler of Emil's kept an Apple QuickTake 100 camera handy each morning. The best example ended up as his Jerque du Jour.

John & Tami Geli
Tami (Vence) is a former high school classmate who is maintaining the alumni web page for our class of 1988.

Arthur and Ashley Gibbs
Arthur and Ashley's web page is mostly a family-type page with lots of photos. The top page design is very well done. Arthur is my friend from college and roomate for a short time the summer before my senior year.

Alicia Goree
I met Alicia when she interned where I work (Florida Conference) after her college graduation. She's into ballroom dancing and has lots of photos to that effect.

Jeff Krause
Jeff is a friend of my brother, and since he lives not too far away, has become my acquaintance as well. He also provides tidbits of Internet information for me, especially since he is loosely affiliated with the Internet service provider I use, Access Orlando.

Karen Lane
Karen is a friend, also from the mid-Florida region, who has a very clean, simple page with an excellent collection of links.

Burton Lo
I suppose I really don't know Burton, but his personal home page is good for the same reasons as Doug Thomas', below. Burton also maintains an extensive bookmark list, which is why I keep a reference to his page.

Rick Mann
I've known Rick and his fiancee, Robin, for several years. Rick's web page was judged as site of the year (by his mother)! He has a pretty decent collection of links.

Andy McConnell
My former roommate and one of my best friends. The bulk of it is an online catalog describing the graphic design classes he teaches as well as a good list of his favorite web sites, but what impresses me is that he is doing some simple Java, and he is running the web server himself! Way to go, dude.

Tammy Quackenbush
I met Tammy while attending Andrews University and we became good friends. (I knew her as Tammy Healy at the time.) Jeff, her husband, is into photography and has very nice photos on this web page.

Laurie Ringer's Literary Analysis Homepage
My other best friend is finishing her Ph.D. at England's University of Hull. There's not much here about her since the page is intended for her students, but it's her first go at web-spinning. She made an excellent start.

Christopher W. Tamulevich
The one-and-only Green Table Web Site, featuring Bug Boy and the infamous Book of Suck.

Doug Thomas
Better known as Doubting on the #macintosh IRC channel. He is one of the operators of that channel as well. It seems that he works at one of Apple's sites doing programming and such. I yap with him occasionally when I get into the IRC and he had me visit his home page. Go look at his "current bookmark list" or whatever he's calling it. It's got LOTS of stuff in there--some kosher, some not!