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Due to a crash at my ISP, my text files are gone. I've decided to not keep up that archive anymore, so here is a link to my brother's text collection. He has a lot of the files I had.

I do get new stuff all the time, and I have a group of friends that I regularly send stuff out to a few times a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less. If you'd like to receive what I send out, AND you PROMISE never to include my address on ANY advertising or spamming or chain-mail nonsense (I can but won't come up with more appropriate words other than "nonsense"), I'll be happy to include you. It's not an automatic listserver, so no special commands are needed. Just e-mail me and say you want on-board.

And for the record, I do NOT CARE how innocent, or legitamite, or touching, or seemingly vital it is. Except for mailing lists a person subscribes to on purpose, ALL e-mail advertising and chain-mail (in other words, anything that isn't a direct conversation to the one recipient) is SPAM. PERIOD. No argument.

Also, here are a few other interesting reading web pages you may enjoy:

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All-Wright Site - Frank Lloyd Wright Quotations