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NOTE: This entire web site is a relic of the late 1990s. It has been resurrected from archives and re-published just for the fun of it. You probably have better odds winning the lottery than finding a working external link. For more information (and a somewhat more interesting-looking design), head over to the 2001 version of this site.

D.T.P. Site of the Moment:

Fontaholics Anonymous

Freeware, free commercial, and shareware fonts and utilities for Mac and PC--with hundreds of font-related links!

This is my collection of web pages for desktop publishing and web authoring, as well as other fun sites. Submissions to my collection are gladly accepted. Just use my comment card or send e-mail to let me know about a site related to Pagemaker, Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand, Quark XPress, fonts, typography, scanning, designing, output, publishing, etc.

Web Newcomers
Looking for great web sites to get you started? Try these two collections of addresses:

MacUser's 101 Must-See Sites

dre*am VISION ministries'
WILD World Web
Resource Directory for Youth Leaders

Contacting Me
Feel free to let me know you were here. Just fill out my small comment card, or send regular e-mail. If you frequent the IRC, look me up in the #macintosh and #orlando channels, either on EFNet or UnderNet. People there know me as Edit_Dude.

Home Base
Since I'm frequently asked, my home computer is a Macintosh PowerBook 3400c/200 with 80 megs of RAM, a 2 gig hard drive, and a VST Zip Drive expansion bay module. I finally crammed the 20 meg Macintosh IIci I used to use at work into the closet and just use my PowerBook there, but I'm really hoping for approval to get a G3 soon. For now, though, I'll just stick to the Powerbook, or use the Pentium 200 MMX. (See, I can use Pea Seas too!)

Photo Album
My New England Vacation
"To go, or not to go (on vacation). What a silly question!" If you have some time to kill, follow me on the web-based version of my vacation through the northeast U.S.
Yours truly
If you're brave, here's a 1992 mugshot I tweaked around with a little.
My Mac's desktop
I change its look from time to time, so this isn't really a static link.
My license plate
I have no difficulty admitting possesion of a vanity license plate which reads MAC-USER.
My own street corner
Amazing. I have my own street corner! Lee Road and Bennett Drive.
My idea of art
Just a sketch that a friend drew for me after I showed her a crudely drawn prior version.
More art
What Captain Picard really meant when he said "Make it so."
Group photo
This shot is of me and one of my best friends with our license plates (his reads MACTYPE).

Standard Disclaimer
Of course I had to have a disclaimer for my pages. Rest assured that after reading this, you'll not only be fluent in all the legalities of electronic information transmission, you might even crack a chuckle or two!

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