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Cities & Maps

I've always been a good map reader, and even though these sites don't exactly measure up to a good Rand McNally 75-cent fold-up, they'll do in a pinch.


Lycos Road Map & Vicinity MapBlast!
These two map interfaces are virtually the same...and both provide excellent, detailed maps. The reason for linking to both is that the Lycos map can try to present a map based on an internet domain address you provide, and MapBlast lets you supply a label to "tag" a point on the map you create.

My opinion is that MapQuest has the best interface and most up-to-date information of online web-based maps.

Digital City Orlando
We strive to become Central Florida's best online source for interactive information, entertainment, community and commerce. We want to connect with people and connect people of like interests, anytime, anywhere. To that end, we've created thousands of pages of programming. Much of our information comes from our premier information partner, Orlando Sentinel Online.

Orlando--Graphic City Guide
This page keeps an index of web sites and internet resources for a very large representation of Orlando's best features. Includes sites for TV & radio stations, theme parks, museums, sports events, concerts, ad infinitum.

Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority
Here's where I get the low-down on what my tax dollars are doing to my local highway system.

TIGER Mapping Service
From the U.S. Bureau of the Census. Very cool.

Xerox PARC Map Viewer