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As a kid in elementary, my dream was to be a meteorologist. I have yet to figure out why I liked that profession so much and why I'm now in a field completely unrelated to it, but the passing interest still remains.

INTELLiCast's current observations and forecast
for metro-Orlando.

NetCast's current observations and forecast
for Altamonte Springs (my town).

WeatherNet keeps an extremely large database of images and links to hundreds of other web, gopher, FTP, and telnet sites; as well as various related newsgroups. It uses many of INTELLiCast's current images, but makes them simpler to access by letting you use a convenient U.S. map.

NBC News' INTELLiCast provides the clearest, easy-to-view radar and visible image maps I've found.

Hurricane '97 Tracking Information
My recommended web site for hurricane data, provided by the Palm Beach Post newspaper.

Atlantic Tropical Weather Center
An extremely comprehensive (and often times, technical) collection of meteorology images and data devoted to the Atlantic tropical region.

EarthWatch Communications, Inc.
It's simply a fact of life that people are fascinated with 3D images. EarthWatch caters to this fascination. Obviously, the image I call up most is this view of Florida and the Southeast United States.

NOAA's web site for forecasts in many cities.

WCPX Channel 6--Orlando
WTVT Channel 13--Tampa/St. Pete
The images from these local TV station web sites are obviously digitized from television, and are therefore not as sharp and crisp as graphics designed specifically for viewing on the web--but they are both excellent resources despite this problem. They both also have live WebCams.

Purdue Weather Processor
Purdue contains data which is a bit more on the technical end, but it does have an impressive section related to hurricanes.

The Weather Channel
Provided by the same-named cable network station. If you like the TV version, this web site will be just as impressive to you.

SnoWeb Home Page
The self-appointed center for snow sports. Features global coverage.

Storm Chaser Homepage
Plenty of material for those brave enough to follow storm systems in the hopes of seeing a tornado.

Michigan State University
If you want to have your cake and eat it too (in other words, if you like MPEG movie weather graphics instead of still images), then this is the place for you. Various world views with both still and MPEG images are represented here.

Weather World
Offers a variety of classroom-style meteorology information.

The Weather Dude
Featuring the Musical Meteorology pages!