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Miscellaneous Recommended Sites

Think of this list as my bookmark file. Just lots of sites I really enjoyed. I hope you like them too.

The AMAZING Relationship Problem Solver!
Consult this page for any relationship problem you may have!

An Abridged History of The United States
With many classrooms these days having internet-ready computers at every desk, history teachers will appreciate this site. It would not be inconceiveable for this site to replace a classroom's printed textbook.

Main Sanitary Nag (Anagram Insanity)
Okay, this one is just plain funny. I won't even try to explain it, just see for yourself.

Apple Easter Eggs!
Claims to be the world's largest collection of Apple easter eggs--a compilation of secrets stuffed inside of your Macintosh or Newton by Apple programmers and engineers. Easter eggs include random jokes, elaborate credit screens, or hard-to-find games that are meant to give the creator a little fame.

The award-winning Internet-based education information service of the ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center) System. The web pages for the long-running PBS educational/science show, Newton's Apple, is represented here.

Automatic complaint-letter generator
Just in case you need to mouth-off to someone, but don't have the energy to do it!

I can't and won't give my opinions on whether I think biorhythms are accurate and scientific, but I'll admit that I have seen times in my life where I felt a certain way, then later checked my biorhythm, and it was pretty much right on track.

Just what it says. I'm very fond of it, just make sure your recipient has a decent web browser.

Central Florida Computer Society
CFCS is a non-profit, educational, scientific, and charitable organization of computer enthusiasts--novice to expert--who meet regularly to exchange information, tips, and techniques.

Currency Converter
This web site uses current, posted trade rates to translate pounds to francs, pesos to deutchmarks, or dollars to donuts! ;-)

Drop Squad!!!
These dudes will drop ANYTHING.

Nathan's Everything Macintosh
The name says it all.

Evil Little Brother Excuse Generator
Why fumble around for an excuse when this web site will make one up for you?

Oh my...the ultimate museum. The Smithsonian science museums are probably the closest comparison. Someday I WILL visit this museum in San Francisco. In the mean time, I (and you) will have to settle for this web version, which is awesome in its own right.

Extreme Mac
Demos, News, Games, etc.

Free Stuff!!
Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch? Well, at least you can get free jellybeans!

The FREE-Way
Prepare for the ride of your life down another highway with something FREE at every stop!

Geographic Nameserver
Just in case you're curious what the GPS coordinates for your home town are.

GNN - Best of the Web
Lots of great items, most notably

Graeme's Page Cool Sites
Good collection, despite the fact that the guy keeps it as a plain bookmark list rather than the former page. It still has lots of good sites to visit.

Hidden Mickeys of Disney
In designing, constructing or adding the final touches to an attraction, Imagineers would subtly "hide" Mickey Mouse silhouettes in plain sight. Word spread of these images, and co-workers and friends sought to find them all. That search continues to this day.

The History Net
Where history lives on the web. The History Net will inform, educate, and entertain you with some of the best writing and research on history available.

The Interconnect CyberSpace Electric Postcard Shop
Another great cyber-card site.

Internet Greeting Cards
Yet another cyber-card site.

Joke Wallpaper and Other Items for Mac and Windows 95
The perfect way to make a politically INcorrect statement!

Kaleidoscope Schemes Directory
An online catalog (not an archive) of color schemes for the increasingly famous Macintosh visible interface enhancer.

The Macintosh Guide Book
An attempt at a comprehensive index of every Apple Macintosh as well as the MacOS-Compatibles.

National Geographic Society
Not much explanation needed. Just the web version of the extremely popular National Geographic Magazine.

Newswatcher Index
VA-Newswatcher, YA-Newswatcher, Multi-Threaded Newswatcher, alpha, beta, gamma, sigma, delta....forget it. Who can keep up? Thankfully, this web site can. The Newswatcher Index tracks the various incarnations of my choice of software for plowing through Usenet.

No Wonder Computer Support
No Wonder provides free, 24-hour technical assistance for your computer hardware and software. No strings attached, no marketing data to provide.

Auctions of computers, peripherals, and consumer electronics. You'll find wonderful bargains here.

Personal Seek provides a search engine for personal pages all around the world. You can find personal pages from other people with your same interests, and from different countries and places. This search engine will let you know what other real people do, what they put on their pages, and how they do it.

PictureThis (by Kodak)
I guess I should make a new category for cyber-postcard links! Considering the company that keeps up this one (Kodak) you don't have to wonder too much at how good it is. It's one of my favorites when I decide to try and lift the spirits of a cyber-pal of mine.

The New Red Green Show
Hilarious TV program. Sorry, I can't tell you when it airs since various PBS affiliates typically air it at their own schedule. If you look around for it, believe me, it'll have been worth it!

Sector 0-0-1
You'll find that though I'm a Star Trek fan, I've in no way beriddled my web pages with Trek links. This is pretty much the only one. I would have linked to the official Paramount site on the Microsoft Network, but since they're having their own private party there and won't let us nonMSN kiddies come inside to play, Sector 0-0-1 is about the best alternative I've found.

Selected Civil War Photographs
Hundreds of scenes of military personnel, preparations for battle, and battle after-effects. The collection also includes portraits of both Confederate and Union officers, and a selection of enlisted men.

I love Shoe. I don't consider myself a journalist, but I do have some journalism training under my belt and fully appreciate Jeff MacNelly's comic strip.

The Smithsonian
Of course nearly everyone at least knows what the Smithsonian is all about, if they haven't been there for themselves. I could easily spend days in just the Air & Space and the American History branches.

The WWW Speedtrap Registry
Outside of clairvoyance, the registry is your best bet for finding the cops' favorite hideouts.

Stephen Linhart
Linhart maintains links of his own artistic and computer programming projects, including animations, After Dark screen saver modules, board games, and other Macintosh freeware.

Starting Point
Excellent for Newbies!

TicketMaster Online
Look up any performer, date, venue, etc. currently serviced by TicketMaster.

The Trash Cans of Disney
Custodians make life bearable for the unappreciative masses. What if trash cans were never emptied? What if public toilets were never cleaned? Next time you see a custodian, smile and tell him or her to have a good day.

What's on tonight?

U.S. Historical Documents Archive
Forget driving down to the library or your local university. Read the words from your favorite parchment paper right here!

Urban Legends Reference Page: Disney
Subliminal messages, clubs, lawsuits, and a basketball court INSIDE the Matterhorn? Could it be true?

World of Coasters
Rollercoaster lovers, this is the place for you.

United States Code
Maintained by the Cornell University Law School.